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Careful planning is the foundation
upon which all successful projects are built

Land Owner

Stanton View Development LLC, explores many avenues for creating unique, attractive communities - from developing larger land parcels to designing and building apartments, condominiums, townhouses, and single family homes. Using experience in planning, design, development, and construction, SVD pursues opportunities that fit the following project descriptions.

  • Rental apartments of 150 units or more - from suburban, garden style designs to infill, mixed use, high rise projects.
  • Single family communities of 20 homes or more - raw or finished lots
  • Townhouse developments of 20 units or more - traditional or stacked
  • Condominium projects of 50 units or more - garden style or mid/high rise
  • Undeveloped land for a mixture of residential, retail, and other land uses

To receive further information or to discuss potential opportunities, please contact:

Don Lee
Land Acquisition Manager

Jerry Vines
Land Acquisition Manager

Andrew Battle
Land Acquisition Manager


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