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Careful planning is the foundation
upon which all successful projects are built

Our Services

SVD offers our clients the assurance of successful projects measured in terms of quality, meeting schedules, and staying within budget.


How a project starts lays the foundation for how it finishes. This is the overarching principle that guides SVD preconstruction services. Our Preconstruction Department consists of individuals with extensive experience in both design and construction, working in concert with the customers, designers and engineering professionals. We offer a variety of preconstruction services ranging from scope development, virtual design coordination, and BIM modeling to conceptual estimating, value engineering and site logistics planning. SVD strives to balance the demands of scope, budget and schedule to make each job a true success. 

General Contracting

SVD was founded as a general contracting firm more than Two decades ago. We have an outstanding team of construction professionals committed to delivering our projects on time, within budget and in accordance with the owner's requirements. Our staff has decades of experience on new and renovated/modernized commercial and affordable housing including some of the most complex construction projects in the Washington metropolitan region. Our success as a general contractor has been aided through strong relationships with the local subcontracting community.


SVD has become an expert in building successful projects using the design-build delivery method. We are committed to a highly collaborative approach that fully engages our client and A/E designer as the project moves from programming through to the completion of construction. Our design-build teams are organized to allow for maximum flexibility yet retain single point responsibilities to ensure smooth project execution. Our depth of knowledge and experience, especially in assessing existing building conditions, is most significant when the design-build process is applied to a renovation or historic restoration project. Furthermore, our experience in building strong relations with building owners, design professionals and subcontractors allows us to create superior teams, fully capable of implementing the most complex project.

Construction Management at Risk

Over the past 5 years, SVD has performed construction management at risk (CMc) services on various projects. The types of buildings for which we have performed CMc services include luxury apartment buildings, condominiums, and townhomes. The CMc delivery system allows us to collaborate with the owner and the design team from the earliest stages of a project. At the outset, we can help analyze the program from a construction perspective, define the scope of work to meet the owner's needs and budget constraints, and establish realistic schedule and performance milestones.

Post Construction

We value our work and provide you the confidence of owning/operating a sustainable project. To ensure your satisfaction, we administer a one-year warranty on your project.  At any point during the warranty period, simply contact us with any concern you may have with your project. Our post-construction services are designed to ensure not only the quality of your experience, but also the functionality of your facility when construction is complete.  Each project close out includes:

Final Inspections and Occupancy Permit

  • Owner Move-in Coordination- Pre Inspection Walk Thru
  • Staff Training Coordination with detailed training on the building and systems with your on site staff.
  • Punch List Completion of details to ensure your final quality satisfaction
  • Project Closeout including a complete index of subcontractors and contact information, warranty information, maintenance information and as-built drawings
  • 365 Warranty a full one year warranty on our work for resolution to any project concerns.
  • Warranty Response Notification designed to provide a single source for warranty responsibility; we ensure any potential concerns are addressed. Your project manager tracks, monitors, and addresses any warranty considerations within your completed project.
  • One Year Walk Through to ensure resolution of any potential issues with warranties or punch list items.

For more information on post-construction verification, please contact Kimmel Daniel at: 202-821-4747.  


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